We’re food professionals who’ve been in the game as marketers, designers, branding & creative comms specialists, food stylists and recipe developers for longer than we want to admit. We’re part of the same team that brings you our big sister biz Red Candy Creative Agency.

insta.kits came about because we knew there was a need for simple, content creation packages for food brands. Something you could access and execute with ease. Outsourcing is the new delegating and that’s what insta.kits offers in bucket loads. Makes sense to have us on your team, don’t you think?

How do we keep it real and keep the costs down? Phone photography. Thank you technology! It means that insta.kits, and most importantly, your brand, looks authentic (like a regular, but stylish, Instagram user) at a lower cost! If you’re looking for professional photographic services for something other than social (like marcomms, websites and collateral), get in touch with our big sister biz Red Candy, it’s their specialty.

P.S. We’re the ones with the ever-patient partners who’s food goes cold while we snap pics of their meals at restaurants. Don’t hate us, just embrace us – and benefit from our obsession. 😉