insta.kits | we snap it, you post it.

Tired of taking photos for social media? Is your hair turning grey with the pressure of daily posts?

Let us do it for you! Convenient, consistent, content creation for food brands. We snap it, you post it. No need to apply filters, we’ve done that for you. No need to crop, we’ve done that too! Not just for Insta, you can use this content across all of your social media platforms. And with the help of our big sister brand, Red Candy, it’s more affordable than you think. Check out the kits!

Did you know that, along with selfie’s, food photos are some of the most popular pics on Instagram?

Instagram is our favourite way to show off food brands. A picture’s worth way more than a thousand words when it comes to food. And everyone loves to look at food pics! If you own a food brand, you probably already know that and you’ve got your social media content sorted with daily posts and plenty of content, right? Or…not? Hey, don’t feel bad, you are definitely not alone. It’s one thing to snap pics of your breakfast on the weekend, it’s a whole other thing to get your brand content sorted.